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Million of people all over the world play the piano.
Thousands of these play the piano rather well.
Hundreds play the piano very well.
But it is only a dozen pianists in the world for whose concerts we buy tickets and
only a handful, a few creative artists whose concerts become musical events.
Welcome to the website of the hub
where these few creative artists are being made,
where they learn the freedom of expression and music-making,
where they ahcieve their instrumental mastery.
Welcome to the “International Piano Institute” !

Everything which is not given is lost…

Indian proverb

“Everything which is not given is lost” – this is the motto of the Lev Natochenny International Piano Institute for Superior Performance Studies.

Under the artistic guidance of a “legendary Meistermacher” (Frankfurter Neue Presse) Professor Lev Natochenny together with world-class master pianists and teachers, the Institute offers a multifaceted and integrated approach to performance, music and instrumental learning. This is an institution devoted solely to studying the piano – arguably, the most versatile musical instrument in the world and the most suitable for Music studies.

At the time when most European public music institutions struggle and unable to produce excellence in professional training, the Lev Natochenny International Piano Institute for Superior Performance Studies offers the most talented young artists the opportunity to fill in the void resulted from the political inability of public institutions to provide highly professional training. Unlike public institutions, The Lev Natochenny International Piano Institute (IPI) provides the training in a non-competitive, mutually creative and supportive atmosphere.

Lev Natochenny International Piano Institute for Superior Performance Studies is a unique institution. Only very few, carefully chosen from a worldwide field of applicants including many international prize winner will have the opportunity of studying with distinguished musicians and teachers. Some of the musically interested and inclined students have the rare opportunity from the very beginning to have their studies with the same world-renowned professors as well.

Away from the pressures of the concert world, students are able to learn in a relaxed, stimulating and contemplative environment. Here they receive inspiration, opportunities and guidance in every aspect of concert life, they receive the much needed help, they learn about music, about the piano and, as a result, much more about themselves.

The main goal of Lev Natochenny International Piano Institute for Superior Performance Studies is the systematic development of special young pianistic talent, which in turn can play a leading role in the development of piano music as well as music and art in general in our world.

This way, is the only way the rise of musical and artistic level on a broad basis, and thus crucial social benefits can be achieved as a result. Through professional and competent training for top talent our institute provides an important contribution to education and promotion of a variety of artists. Our goal is to offer a high-class and internationally competitive education – for young pianistic top talent as well as all those who appreciate music as one of the finest aspirations of the human spirit.

As one of the world’s most prestigious and successful professors for training exceptional and unique pianistic talents, Prof. Lev Natochenny unites his competence in musical and artistic worlds with the ability to promote the individuality and personality of outstanding pianists and prepare them for international career.

His master classes regularly bring artists from around the world, young artists of international recognition who owe the jumpstarting of their careers to him. Critics and specialized press described him as “artistic genius” and “master-maker”. Among his students are now more than 50 winners of national and international piano competitions, the four-time “ECHO Klassik” winner and “shooting star” Martin Stadtfeld and two consecutive “ECHO Klassik” – winner Dirk Mommertz. Many students of Prof. Natochenny received exclusive recording contracts such as Martin Stadtfeld, Eugene Choi (both Sony Music), Dirk Mommertz (Deutsche Grammophon) or Evgenia Rubinova (EMI Classics), Nami Ejiri, (Genuin), Christopher Park, (Universal/DG), etc.

Prof. Lev Natochenny gained worldwide recognition in numerous concert appearances with international orchestras in Europe and USA as pianist and conductor. These concerts led to appointments to the faculties of The Mannes College of Music, the New York City University, the Manhattan School of Music in New York, Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main and Kalaidos Musikhochschule in Switzerland.

Our Education

The Lev Natochenny International Piano Institute offers professional piano studies at international level and tailored to the individual needs of each student. We hereby give young, talented and ambitious musicians the opportunity to complete a high-level study on an individual basis. State universities are mostly unable to ensure intensive
instrumental training.

Here, the Lev Natochenny International Piano Institute fills in the always ever growing gap between the needs of young artists and the public institutions abilities. The education at the Institute includes a wide range of different study options such as professional full-time study, preparation for international entrance exams, international and national competitions, concerts or conductors’ auditions through individual private lessons and master classes.


Our Programms

Piano School for Children

The School’s program is designed specifically with the beginners in mind
for children from the age of 5 years. All beginners without previous music training are welcome.
Prof. Eugene Choi, Director of Education of IPI will give you the first consultation/lesson– FREE OF CHARGE (Kostenlose Probestunde).


This program is designed for students and young people interested in music education, but not in the professional context.


This very intensive program is designed for young, talented and ambitious students who are contemplating a professional life and careers in music. This program is for preparation for entrance examintaions into the colleges and unvisersities worldwide, as well as preparation for national and international competitions, conductors’ auditions and concerts.

Degree programs

This intensive program is offered to students enrolled in “Professional Program”, as a possibility of obtaining official academic degrees: Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate in Music – all available through cooperation with Kalaidos Musikhochschule in Switzerland.

Kalaidos School of Music is the largest private university in Switzerland with about 2.200 students and an annual budget of 150 Million Swiss Francs.

As part of Professional Program the Lev Natochenny International Piano Institute offers the master classes with Prof. Lev Natochenny 4 times a year with the goal of intensive preparation for international and national competitions and institutional auditions, as well as concerts of students and guest artists.

All lessons and master classes can be conducted in English, German, Russian, Korean or Japanese.