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This program is designed for students and young people interested in beginning music education, but not in the professional context.


This very intensive program is designed for young, talented and ambitious students who are contemplating a professional life and careers in music. This program is for preparation for entrance examintaions into the colleges and unvisersities worldwide, as well as preparation for national and international competitions, conductors’ auditions and concerts.

Degree programs

This intensive program is offered to students enrolled in “Professional Program”, as a possibility of obtaining official academic degrees: Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate in Music – all available through cooperation with Kalaidos Musikhochschule in Switzerland.

Kalaidos School of Music is the largest private university in Switzerland with about 2.200 students and an annual budget of 150 Million Swiss Francs.

As part of Professional Program the Lev Natochenny International Piano Institute offers the master classes with Prof. Lev Natochenny 4 times a year with the goal of intensive preparation for international and national competitions and institutional auditions, as well as concerts of students and guest artists.

All lessons and master classes can be conducted in English, German, Russian, Korean or Japanese.